Hottest trend for this Spring? The waterproof trench coat!

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To me, a slick waterproof trench coat is THE trend for this spring! Who cares if it’s sunny or raining? I certainly don’t, obviously.



Why did I drill down on this look? Let’s just say it was all over me — I mean, look around, it’s everywhere!

This waterproof trench look is so hot right now; just check out Calvin Klein, Burberry’s, even Balenciega! Such a hot look.

So where can you track it down for a not too unreasonable amount of coin? Well where did mine come from? If you guessed Zara (perhaps based on certain hints above), you would be red-hot! This waterproof trench coat by Zara is the bomb, no?

But why stop at the trench coat? How about my belt? My boss hoodie? Those sexy red boots? Not to mention that killer Louis Vuitton Epi leather Bucket Bag. (I hope you don’t mind the color red!)

Anyway, what’s the point here?

If I had to boil it down to one sentence, it would be: “Don’t hold back; you have one life to express yourself — so go for it!”

To me, life is a celebration. All of life. Yes, we all get our share of bumps in the road, disappointments, and downright tough times. C’est la guerre.

But life also offers so many opportunities for happiness and fulfillment in new and surprising ways.

Believe me, I know. Just when I thought I would never find the happiness I was searching for, there it (actually, there he) was, right in front of me. Oh gosh.

But you don’t need to hear about all of that. The thing I most want to leave you with is this:

Get out there; go for it; live EVERY day as if it were your last. After all, one day you will surely be right.

Keep slaying it, fashion junkies!













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