Three Reasons To Get The Gucci Ophidia Belt Bag

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Gucci Ophidia GG Supreme Small Belt Bag

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with a bag over your head, you know about the belt bag trend that has been sweeping through the fashion industry lately. Well it’s still going strong, hot and chic!
Gucci was definitely in the vanguard, highlighting this accessory and riding the leading edge of the wave. Their 2017 collection featured numerous belt bag options in no less than five colors, and we fashionistas snapped them up.
And why not? The belt bag is such a great accessory!
But don’t take my word for it. Just read my three reasons:
Versatility? Yep, hands down. that long belt gives you the option to wear it around your waist, sling it over your shoulder, or strap it to your saddle. You do have a saddle, don’t you?
And it’s such a useful and convenient carry-all. Plenty of room for what you need, but not sizeable enough to carry two watermelons like those jumbo purses we all know and love. The perfect in-between size!
Size? My featured bag is Gucci’s Ophidia GG Supreme, small. But don’t let the word “small” deter you, this handy bag is plenty big enough to pack all of your necessaries. In fact it’s larger in height and depth than the bags from the 2017 line.
Style? You get the same classic Gucci styling. As the name of the bag implies, there’s that magnificant double-G logo in gold-toned metal, unmistakably denoting it as the work of the House of Gucci. And this versatile bag carries the traditional green and red Gucci Web, so no one is going to mistake it for anything but a Gucci original. Such a timeless design.
So here are my three reasons to go with this stylish bag:
  • Flexibility
  • The size you need
  • That Gucci élan
In short, this bag has it all: versatility, ample size, elegant lines, and that classic Gucci flair, GG logo and Gucci web included. I love it; how about you?!!


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