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Jacquard Blazer

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Chanel Drawstring Bag




Oh, did I mention I’m from the future?

Well I am. Your future. Your near future. The near future you just have to reach out and grab ahold of.

Go on, you can do it!

I’m no genie, but I am a sentient human being who just happens to have a laser-like focus on style. Thus my special power to see into the near future. Get it?

Sorry, it’s just how my parents raised me.

Anyway, what Ms. Jenis predicts for your near future is this killer Chanel Drawstring Bag.

Chanel. Chanel. Chanel.

Oh damn. Love me some Chanel.



But let’s say that, like me, you didn’t win the lottery last night. Not one penny.

(Or did I? I’ll never tell.)

Anyway, isn’t this beautiful jacquard blazer and trouser combination (wrinkle-resistant, ladies!) by Zara just the top of the top? Well isn’t it?

Anyway, I think so.

Imagine yourself at work, wearing this blazer and trousers, getting coffee down at the coffee station. Or stepping into a power meeting with a winning attitude. And then winning. Dang.

There’s just something about a dark suit look, livened up with eye-catching purple blossoms, that makes people stop and think. Which they are wont to do, in my experience.

But don’t forget, this great jacquard blazer and trouser combination works perfectly in less formal, casual-chic settings too. First date? Why not? Second date? Sure! Hundredth date? Well it worked for me.

Which is great, no? I think everybody should grab a cup of coffee at the coffee station, or walk down the street to the neighborhood java joint, or head out on a hot date, with style and get a lot of seriously good questions.

I mean, after all, what else are we going to do with this precious time we’ve been given to sport around here on this beautiful green Earth? Should we just go to the movies and munch on popcorn? Methinks not.

So dammit people, let’s have some fun! I insist on it.

In fact, if you don’t start having fun right this minute, I’m going to come right overe there and give you a good talking to. And you don’t ewant that.





Keep slaying it, fashion junkies!



A penny for your thoughts ...