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Okay, we’ve all had our share of downer Valentine’s Days, right? I certainly have.

But not this year!

How did I pull that off? By rewarding myself for all my charm and sweetness by gifting myself this adorable Dolce & Gabbana Small Miss Sicily – Love Leather Satchel!

Damn. Sometimes I just love myself too much.



But who could blame me? This purse has it all – style, cuteness, glamour, and exclusivity. Because after they’re all gone, guess what? They’re not gonna be making any more.

Which is all the more reason to lock yours in NOW.



Does anything go better with pink than pink? I think not.

For this D&G purse shoot, I went with Mr. Christian Louboutin’s lovely skin-tone pink Pigalle Spiked Pumps. Why? Well because it just felt right I suppose.

And I LOVE the result. The right pinks together just simply kill it, right down to the bone.

(Sorry to be so bloodthirsty, but I’m hungry right now as I write this here post. Steak, anyone?)



What about my pink blazer, an Admiral Crepe Power Jacket? Also, anybody like my awesome pink Dress Pants by H&M?

Not gonna lie. I can’t blame you.

My coat? It’s a NA-KD Trend Pink Coat. I LOVE the soft texture of the fabric and the way it hangs just so when draped over the shoulders. You really should try it for yourself.



And to finish off the look? Well, I went with my trusty Blaze Collection sunnies by Ray Ban. Like I’ve said before, nothing beats the classics. Put a few staples like these in your closet and you’ll never be left wondering how to complete your killer look.



Anyway, it’s high time to get with the pink program. Did you not get the memo pointing out that spring is right around the corner?

Ah, spring …


A penny for your thoughts ...