Inden est. 1582! (You heard it here first.)

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Well, ladies all across America and, yes, that includes you, Kendall Jenner my dove, listen up! Have you ever laid hands on the very best, amazing, hand-crafted, beautifully lacquered deerskin purse in the whole wide world? No?

Well here’s your chance.

I bring you: The  Inden est. 1582 small Cross-Body Bag.

Louder, you say? Okay, why not?: The INDEN EST. 1582 SMALL CROSS-BODY BAG!!!



Stay calm, but be prepared to carry on, because this is DEFINITELY the next HUGE fashion find to roar right on up to the top.

Period. Full stop.

Do I exaggerate? No, I most DEFINITELY do not. Allow me to explain.



Inden est. 1582 produces astonishingly beautiful, super-luxurious leather goods — most notably purses — and has done so for more than 400 years. Now in case you missed the memo, that was more than 250 years before, ahem, the House of Hermès. And way before America. And before the good ship Mayflower. As well as before the Theory of Gravity. And even before Mr. William Shakespeare himself decided to up and shuffle off this mortal coil. Goodness.

Truth be told, Inden est. 1582 made leather armor for Japanese Samurai warriors as far back as … well, never mind, you weren’t there.

Anyway, they’ve been around for quite a long time, and they know what they’re doing, and now they’re about to conquer America and change the world. You can bank on it.

Don’t believe me? Well just watch this space!




But enough about the past, what about today? If you had this adorable red Inden est. 1582 purse in your wardrobe, how many ways could you think of to style it? Well I can think of more than a few.

Here’s one, for example: The old-school, formal way.

Just grab it by the chain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everything old is new again, right?

So yeah, grab it by the chain. Anyway, who’s going to stop you?



Okay, how about something completely different? Grab your beautiful Inden purse by the handle. Simple, yes?




Or you can grab it like this too. What’s the worst that could happen?



Feeling peckish and peaked? I can’t blame you, I feel the same way sometimes.

In these circumstances, there’s pretty much only one good option: Sling it all around your old bad self, then get out there and enjoy those raw oysters you’ve been craving.

Go ahead, just do it. I did.



Still hungry? Yeah, me too.



Oh, did I mention history? Well Inden est. 1582 was trolling the entire known world more than 225 years before this amazing gentleman, President Abraham Lincoln, came along. Oh my.

You really should go out and get one now before you miss out. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!


A penny for your thoughts ...