Plugging Summer into Winter

Following up on my post about wearing white in winter, I’m here to declare that you all need to bring out your summer clothes and pair them with cozy, warm winter gear! Think I’m crazy? Think again.



I brought out one of my favorite summer dresses and put it on over a black turtleneck sweater to beat back the cold. I think the result speaks for itself.



Don’t be afraid to step out and push the boundaries – that’s what fashion has always been about. If we all wore the same things, I would call that either a bowling alley or Orwell’s 1984. Express yourself, you’ll thank yourself. I do.



You should see how people stare at my fuzzy purple coat. Wow – worth the price of admission.



And check out this awesome furry purse. Almost makes you want to become a Furry, no?



Am I having fun this winter? No doubt!


A penny for your thoughts ...