Belt bag for the holidays? Why not?

Shop the look:

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

Belt bag. Belt bag. Belt bag.

Bah, humbug.

Um, er … can anybody here say “fanny pack”? What did you do with our holiday happy feeling, Mr. Scrooge?

Well let it go, sisters and brothers, let it go. Because if you don’t, you’re going to miss out on one of the hottest fashion trends of Winter 2017: Slaying it with the belt bag!

Check it.



This beautiful black belt bag by MATT & NAT says it all: Style. Sophistication. Stepping out. And perhaps more than a little bit of, “Oh yeah, well so what?”

In this first holiday look, I’ve put my awesome MATT & NAT belt bag together with a form-fitting black sweater dress, some red hot boots, a raspberry beret that only Prince would sing about, an up-to-the-minute plaid overcoat, and a killer red and white scarf, for which no animals died at all. Imagine.



Here I throw off the scarf and rock the belt bag, the boots, the sassy beret, and a red vest.

Hmmm … maybe you should too.



And now for something completely different: Red bomber jacket.

Totally different holiday look, no? Who knew?



MATT & NAT – wow, such a cool company! These guys are on the cutting edge of both fashion and sustainability: They make all their stylish products from vegan materials.

Now in case you’ve been living in a cave with a bag over your head, what that means is nobody had to look a cow in the eye in order for you to have a place to keep your fake driver’s license, your real iPhone, and your stack of cash money.

Got that? No living things had to die! Oh my, what a concept.



Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, okay, so if this stuff is made from anything other than real leather, then how can it look anything like leather?

Well trust me, ladies and bros, it just does.

Period. Period. Period.

In fact, it looks so much like real buffalo hide that you won’t be able to tell it from the real thing.



Do I exaggerate? Actually, in this one particular instance, I do not. This holiday gear will blow you away, I guarantee. If you buy one and disagree, you better call Saul.



Am I having fun this winter? Yes I am.



A penny for your thoughts ...