Getting Your Winter Glow On

December. Ugh. Short days. Sniffles. Frozen digits. Possibly a tad grumpy. Wouldn’t you love a nice little pick me up right about now?

Well, Dr. Jenis has just the thing for you – how about waking up to a sizzling Caribbean tan tomorrow morning? Think I’m daydreaming? Think again.




Welcome to Tanceuticals Self Tanning Body Lotion and Self Tanning Face Lotion! Wow, what an amazing product! I tried it for the first time last night, and I can’t believe the difference. Take a look:



Tanceutical products are so easy to use. Just take yourself a good hot shower, making sure to get all nice and exfoliated, and then slip on the mitt that comes with the product. Using a generous amount, spread the two self tanning lotions on your face and body one at a time. Oh, and be sure to go easy on the feet, knees, hands, and elbows, you don’t want to look like a tree do you?



You can do all of this by yourself, though it’s easier with a friend … I’ve read.



Once you’ve covered all those necessary parts, just hang out for 15 or 20 minutes. Go ahead and look at your Instagram if you feel the need.



Then it’s off to bed, for a blissful night of looking forward to your new tanned hotness. Oh, and the best part? Tanceutical products smell so good, you’ll want to sniff yourself all night long. TMI?



This is one awesome product. Probably you should go and get yourself some this very day. Tan on, Fashion Junkies!



A penny for your thoughts ...