Traditional with a Twist

Okay, so how to add a twist to your outfit at a traditional event and still fit in?

Just for kicks, I attended the Virginia International Gold Cup races last Saturday at Great Meadow in the The Plains, Virginia, and fashion was a big part of it. With the combination of cooler autumn weather and people looking to show off their Fall styles, there was plenty for the fashion junkie to take in.




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The Gold Cup races generally draw a crowd with a more conservative look overall — lots of preppy styles and safer choices. But there are some easy ways to mix things up a bit. First, think about going with conservative overall, but then adding something a little spicy. Given the time of year, I chose a long plaid coat over a black dress, then turned up the heat with these lightening-bolt boots:





Race to the Top

Another option is some fancy headgear. Yours truly showed up in pink and black feathered hat-thing, but sadly the hat contest judges looked elsewhere for their winners.



Several nice people complimented my crazy hat, but mostly it just drew stares, which was fun for me. But now picture this look transplanted to the streets of Manhattan — no one would bat an eyelash.



That’s Historical

Gold Cup steeplechase races originated in the UK, and those ladies over there still know how to do it up right.


Winter Gold Cup UK 2015

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Spring Gold Cup Australia

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Spring Gold Cup Virginia

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Now for (in my opinion at least) the biggest event of the day. A highlight of the Gold Cup was the hat contest, with prizes for Best Racing Theme, Funniest/Most Outrageous, Most Glamorous/Elegant, Best Child (under 18), and Best Men’s Showing. The hat contest drew some heavy hitters:


Gunning for Most Glamorous/Elegant


Team players


Funniest/Most Outrageous?


Best Men’s Showing, no doubt


Hat in a Hurry

What if you don’t have a great hat? Well then you can just buy one on the spot.


I wanted a little hat– well, is this small enough, I suppose


Dog Day Afternoon

I totally loved this event. Unfortunately, I went there a bit late, which made me miss the cutest part, the terrier races. No worries though, I tracked down some great photos to share with you. As a dog lover, it is heaven on earth watching those terriers out there busting their backsides to prove who’s top dog. Ohhh so cute!


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In addition, there were festive tents for entertaining, as well as a tailgating contest:


Num num

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Drinking throughout the day while waching the horses, not too shabby


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You Bet

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to hit the Gold Cup races is to get into a little mischief betting on the horses. Speaking of which, I ran straight over to one of the betting tents (shoving several unfortunate bystanders out of the way in the process) to put cash money down on my lucky horse, Number 6, better know as Alajma. And I whispered, for Alajma’s big ears only, “Please don’t let me down honey.”


Guess where my money is now …


“Please don’t let me down honey.”


Horses for Courses

The horses and jockeys were, of course, turned out in their racing colors:



Finally, time for racing and cheering my Alajma.




But it was not to be. After all that urging, shouting, and screaming at the top of my lungs, my poor nag Alajma came in … dead last. Oh well, whatever — I still had fun!

All in all, it was a fun event on a very beautiful Saturday in October! See you at the Spring Gold Cup races!




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