The Backstory

Birth of a Fashion Junky

So many of us grew up watching “Sex and the City,” “Project Runway,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and “Gossip Girl.” Honestly, who could blame us for loving style.

I adore fashion. I always have. That’s why I chose fashion as my professional career.

In 2012, motivated by those fashion-focused shows — and especially “Project Runway” — I created and produced a reality fashion TV program. My show ran for 30 episodes over three seasons on one of my home country’s national channels. In each episode, we showcased and judged the work of up-and-coming young designers who created some amazing new looks that hit on a wide range of themes.

Here is a selection of shots from seasons 1-3 of the fashion television show I created, produced, and directed: Torfah Phathai.

Here is a selection of shots from seasons 1-3 of the fashion television show I created, produced, and directed: Torfah Phathai.

Here is a selection of shots from seasons 1-3 of the fashion television show I created, produced, and directed: Torfah Phathai.

The toughest part of my show was having to send one of the designers home each week. As the producer of the show, even with the necessity to be as professional as possible, those events always made me cry. I shed a lot of tears with these hopeful designers. Thank you to all my judges for helping me get through these situations each week!

Mix and match is a thing

Risk-taking is at the heart of fashion. And just as on my show, I still love trying new looks, making new combinations, taking risks (but without getting too too crazy).

Fashion offers a million chances to make choices. We can mix fabrics, colors, textures, everyday items, items from different price ranges, even entirely different styles.

Here are some style ideas everyone can try. Most of them are influenced by current winter trends: animal prints, snake skin looks, wild stuff like that. I had so much fun styling them — can’t wait for Spring and Summer 2019. All I can say is, keep you eyes on my Instagram feed — jenis_jenistar — to see more fun looks!

Sometimes pairing everyday and high-end pieces can produce great results. Calvin Klein with Chanel? H&M with Hermès? Revolve with Fendi? Why not?

Suit by H&M, Boy Chanel bag, Manolo Blahniks[/caption]

Blazer by Zara, Thigh-high boots by H&M, Hermès clutch

I have a lot of goals in making style choices. I love looks that are new and fresh, creative, surprising, dramatic, cool, sometimes elegant, even a little bit crazy. If I had to describe my approach to style, I would say brave, but certainly not fearless. Usually it takes effort, but I love it when the result looks effortless.

My own guide to style? Well, if it’s right, I feel confident. If it’s not right, I feel it and fix it. My goal is to express myself in a way that sets my style apart.

Fear Factor

“I haven’t any courage at all. I even scare myself.”

Is it scary sometimes? Sure. I’ve made more than my share of fashion blunders and been my own, self-inflicted fashion victim:

 Fashion victim in search of a rescue

But it hasn’t killed me yet. The way I look at it, there’s always a fresh look waiting tomorrow, another chance to slay it:

Looking both ways

So really, what is there to fear?

Where we go from here

These are some of the things I want to explore in this blog, but nothing is set in stone. I want to shift and adjust to the topics that interest you. I want to talk about things I never planned to talk about. That would be cool.

So here we go. All aboard the Style Train!


  1. It all makes sense now!!!! Your background is why you style so super dope, and your love for mixing and matching is why I love you! We’re two peas in a pod when it comes to this logic. Your site looks great, girl!!!! Xx

    1. Peas in a pod we are, girlfriend! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts — and thank you for your very nice comment about my site. I love your blog too, “Fall Hues” is excellent! — Jenis

    1. Aw, thank you so much, it is so wonderful to get a thumbs-up from someone like you. I really appreciate the encouragement and can’t wait to read your next post!

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