Romance at the Ritz

I love the Fall, it’s always so refreshing to put away the wardrobe of Summer and step into a thicker, warmer, more sensous selection of clothing. This time of year is definitely the time for having a little fun playing with jackets, scarfs, sweaters, and all that awesome Fall stuff. To me, Fall is the most romatic season.

With all of this in mind, I decided to pick the color I like least, which is PINK. Pink, Pink, Pink. Hate it. But today was exceptional, because I felt that pink was all around me. So I wore a light pink suit to emphasize my love of Fall, along with a blue suit vest that went very well with my black turtleneck. And I thought it would be fun to turn up the heat a bit by adding a dramatic purple and pink faux fur collar. Hey, don’t forget to add the coat — it’s super cold out!





Fall is the best time of year to wander through Georgetown, such a lovely and elegant place the whole year round, but especially now.


Fall at Georgetown University is always the best



Shopping on M Street is not too shabby either



Feeling a little parched from all my shopping, I stopped by the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown for a refreshing adult beverage.  Everything was chill out in The Yard, the hotel’s outdoor bar. As they say, “Winter is coming.”




                                                     Hmmm … maybe a grasshopper …

But that didn’t stop me, and it didn’t stop my diminutive friends the garden gnomes. They kept popping up all over the place, trying to distract me from my very important business affairs ….




I love the Ritz, always have. Maybe it’s the dog-friendly ambience. (Did I mention I’m a dog lover?) Maybe it’s the loaner bikes. Or maybe it’s just the name.






Such a great setting, perfect for two people in love, or just friends out looking for a good time. Who knows what could happen?




So there you have it. Meet me at the Ritz?





A penny for your thoughts ...