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Brrrr! on the Beach

Shop the look (you deserve it):



Oh my it’s cold. Really, really cold. As in, “Nobody told me it was going to be this cold!” cold. But, you know, it’s cool. I mean, how could it not be?



Today I got it into my head to head to the beach in a feathered mini-skirt. Why? Well because who’s gonna tell me I can’t? And anyway, it’s just one of those things one does when fashion itself is at stake. Anybody disagree?



So about my hot feathered skirt – pretty sassy, no? It’s a Navy Rahma Feathered Skirt from Club Monaco and just a killer look, beach or no beach. Wearing it out here, I’m pretty sure I have more goose bumps than feathers, but probably you should just count to make sure.



And check out my wide tweed wool belt — at least a couple style points there, no? Perhaps even a degree or two more of warmth (Fahrenheit, of course, not Celsius).



At least some amount of fire came along in the boots department, and thank goodness! These are Smashing Leather Knee-High Boots by Stuart Weitzman, available at Saks Fifth Avenue – they helped me keep it together on an otherwise out-of-control day!



My red gloves and scarf added a bit of heat, but honestly, I was too cold to even consider how much better off they made me. But in terms of style, they were a blast furnace!



As an emergency measure, and just to ensure my survival, I threw on this faux fur hooded vest and boy am I glad I did! Looks hot, don’t you think?



I’m not sure when I’ll be walking along the beach in the freezing cold again, but don’t worry – I’ll be sure to invite you along with me for an up-close-and-personal look at my shivering everything!


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